Thursday, July 23, 2009

If you hve missed your county you still have time to attend the Indiana State Fair! But this is the Noble County Fair.

These 2 showman are first year 4-Her's they're 10 showing sheep that weigh around 125lbs. These young showman walk, hold, and brace lambs for the judge to feel so he can place them by quality.
Showman start out young, but soon they are become 18 and they have turned out to be pretty darn good showman. Those two GOOD looking young men are both my nephews Cody and Nick. Today it was Cody's day he is holding the Grand Champion Ewe and was named the Grand Champion Sr. Showman. Nick was named the Grand Premier Showman over all and will show in the Round Robin tonight. But at State Fair it could all be different.

Alpaca's are becoming more popular every year, this is Z and he is 2 years old. He and Cameron won the Jr. Costume class.

Oh yes, there is more to the fair then animals this is Josh's craft project. He not only did all the wood burning designs he also stained and varnished too. By the way this is a State Fair entry!!

Cake decorating is a tough competition this is the beginners division. This is my niece's cake and it was alternate for State Fair. I love cake decorating But I can't do it. My hat goes off to Makayla!! PLEASE remember there is a lot more to 4-H then animals so ANYONE come join they're are projects for EVERYONE!!

If you are feeling trapped in the 4 walls around you take a step outside to your county fairs. See what young people all around us are doing with some of their time. There are animals that some of us have never seen or know anything about. Indianapolis is where the State Fair is hold it starts Aug. 8 and goes on till Aug. 22. Take a step out of the 4 walls you live in and attend your local county fair or take a short trip to the Indiana State Fair!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

LaGrange County Fair started Saturday July 11

Are You looking at me, what- haven't you ever seen a goat before?
Katie and her horse Ruffus are getting ready to run the 3 legged race. Run down on the horse someone holds the horse and her and Drost run home in a sack. They got 3rd, but what fun!!!

Have you ever saw a sheep wearing a blanket? Why do they do that??

She sits on her calf all the time is what she told me, he's my friend. She said she will cry when it comes time to sell him on Saturday.

This pig is pretty comfortable the 2nd day of the fair, the temperatures are only been in the low 80's so far!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Flowers all in bloom!

The Shasty Daisys and Bee Balm are in full bloom now. Summer is well on its way now and the flowers are really starting to grow and fill in their beds.

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