Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Greenhouses and Produce Market start gearing up for Spring.

Clearspring Produce Auction
Potted plants and flats of vegtables and flowers can be bought here in all quanities. Amish produce farmers bring in ALL kinds of produce and flowers that they grow in their greenhouses of course everything comes in by seasons.

Everyone is getting ready for spring to arrive and we can't hardly wait!
We start making our spring plans, of what flowers we want to plant and where we want to plant them. Then we think of where we want to go and what greenhouses we want to visit.
Here is a list of 10 Greenhouses that are less than 10 minutes away from Mirror Lake B&B.
Rolling Acres, Bontrager Garden Center, Stoney Produce, Nature's Unlimited, Country Garden Center, Farm View Landscaping, Bell's Garden's, Bontrager's in Emma, Clear Spring Greenhouse,
The Produce Auction is most Tuesdays and Thursday's just outside of Emma & Otto's produce.
Peranials, annuals, trees and bushes can be bought at all of these centers. What a GREAT selection!! Come stay & come see for yourself!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Living around Amish communities.

These are some sites around town here in Topeka. This is a Amish school and while the kids are on their lunch hour they enjoy playing outside.

This is Tuesday and hay is for sale at the Topeka sale barn. The hitching racks are full as Amish come to buy hay for their horses. As you can see their hay bin is empty and they look like they're ready to eat, and by looking at their size I bet they can eat a lot of hay.

This is the way the Amish pick their corn a little slower then the way we do it, but it is sure faster then picking by hand!! This corn will be taken to the mill for feed for their horses and cattle.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

We are only 5 minutes from Topeka and soon the auctions will be starting!!

TOPEKA'S AUCTIONS are starting March 17-21 is the Spring Draft Horse sale. Anyone looking for a parade or pulling team, looking for horses to work the fields or a good stallion for breeding this is the place for you!! The CARRIAGE AUCTION is April 16-17 here in Topeka. You just never know what type of antiques you may find here. They range from Sleighs and Carriages, wagon wheels, fur traps, anvils, house hold antiques, horse tack, small farm equipment, lawn ornaments and much more!!!!!
Remember "One man's JUNK is another man's TREASURE"!!
Thursday there are normally 3 ring running, 1. inside ring where you sit in bleachers and they bring the items in on wagons. 2. outside (misc.)ring (where almost anything could be found) and a 3rd ring selling small farm equipment, lawn ornaments, wagon wheels, push plows and MORE! Friday they sell the Sleighs, carriages, horse tack and a whole lot more. I can never go on Friday, but one of these days I am going to take off work and buy a sleigh. Fix it all up, use it for Christmas and who know I might even put a horse on it and use it.

Come a day early and visit Shipshewana's auction on Wednesday then come to the Carriage auction Thursday and Friday. Make a small vacation out of it MIRROR LAKE B&B would make a GREAT place to come back to after the auctions relax and watch a beautiful sunset, eat good food uptown and get some good buys too!!
Other sales of all types that take place at Topeka through out the year also. Checkwww.auctions-usa.com

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Shipshewana, a short drive from Mirror Lake B&B

Spring and summer will soon be here and we will all be making vacation plans. Shipshewana is a small town a short drive from Mirror lake B&B. It was built up around an Amish community, their lifestyle and their trades.
This tree is on the main level of the recently rebuilt Davis Mercantile, it has a basement and 3 floors with about 25 stores. Jo-Jo pretzel's, candles, Vera Bradley, Antiques, quality Quilting supplies, a Scrap booking store, Bakery and Candy and much much more!!!

This is just one of many places to get Quilt material and supplies. If you can't find it here I'm sure there's another store just around the corner.

This Merry-Go-Round is built on the top floor and really works. Many of the horses are hand carved. After your ride you can go to a Puppet show just down the hall.

This is just one of the many ice sculptures that were placed around Shipshewana. This one is in front of the very popular Yoder's department store. It also has a material and variety store, across the way is the Yoder's Hardware and Yoder's grocery store all in one stop.


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